Mystery Ranch Pack Giveaway: The Local Chapters

Read through this… Read through it again (I had to). Volunteering, donating, and supporting the cause is important! And it can win you a “swass” (you hearing me Jason?) pack. Its the pack dreams are made of. Lesser packs dream of being this pack. Anyways, give it a read, subscribe to the River to Ridgeline blog. Annoy them on Instagram and Facebook. Do it! DO IT NOW! As for me, I have a MDF Banquet to think about this weekend and how to sell all of my tickets still.

R2R River to Ridgeline

Thanks to Mystery Ranch for allowing us the opportunity to give a Metcalf pack with the Nice frame as a prize item!  This is a huge opportunity for those that have always wanted an MR pack.  The Metcalf is a great pack with lots of space, minimal pockets, a side-access zipper to easily get at gear and it has the perfect number of compression straps to keep the load tight and up against the frame.  See below to get the details about the contest!

A well-used Metcalf on display. A well-used Metcalf on display.

At the beginning of the year we challenged everyone to make resolutions that were meaningful–join a conservation effort by donating your time, your money, or both.  In an effort to provide encouragement, we followed up with information on how Wild Sheep Foundation uses all its resources to “Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain” and the benefits of becoming a member…

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