New year

The year is coming to an end today.  I am at work thinking about being outdoors again, right at this moment (on lunch of course!).  And I just wanted to say thank you for reading.  2013 was a hectic year full of ups and downs.  Seems the older I get the more of a roller coaster it can be.  Below is a gallery of some of my favorite moments and photos.  Stay safe tonight and may your new year be full of happiness, outdoor adventures, and good health.  See you next year!

from 2013.

Scouting from your desk

Technology has made it easier to see your hunting and fishing grounds before you go easier than ever.  Google Earth, HuntingGPSmaps (OnXmaps), and many other apps are available for a cost or even free.  While Google Earth has been out for a while now, new technologies is making it more possible to find suitable hunting and fishing grounds that you may have never even thought possible! Continue reading

Fathers Day, Archery practice, and why practice needs to happen more often

I started this post as you can tell, last Sunday on Fathers Day but constant interruptions have me posting here during my lunch break at work.  Enjoy!

First and foremost I want to say that today was awesome.  It was my 2nd fathers day!  My son has grown so much in the last year!  He is running, laughing, jibber-jabbering little man.  He turns 2 in a week and I am super excited.  We have been doing swimming lessons together for a couple of weeks and already he is jumping to the pool (as long as daddy is there to catch him).  We went to breakfast this morning and spent some time cleaning my house I am selling.  All the sudden he got a little cranky so I loaded what I had up and took him home for his nap.  The rest of my father’s day was spent cleaning our place so we can finally be done and one step closer to not having to step back into the place.  Not that I hate it or anything, it’s just time for an actual house with a yard and my “humble” garage I am going to be building in the next year or so.  The requirements are oversize 2 car with room to hang and elk and space to work.  So we shall see how that turns out. Continue reading

A new year… A new me!

The past few years I have noticed something.  I am getting slower and slower when it comes to doing just about anything.  I used to be able to keep up with just about anyone I hunted with or just about anything for that matter.  For about the last 3 or 4 years, I have told myself I am going to start training long before the hunting season gets here.  It has been my new years resolution for the past 3 years.  Yet it never seems to happen and pretty sure September rolls around and I have packed on another roll or 2…  This year I am determined.  I have found Motivation and inspiration to finally better myself.  It came in what I think for the most part is an unlikely place.  Granted, I have reasons and home, I found a good portion of this on Facebook and Twitter.  Some people I know personally have changed their life for the better, why can’t I?  And then there are the people I actually have never met such as Cameron Hanes and a few other people I have had the opportunity to have met on this blogs twitter account and even my own personal Facebook account   I have not been going to the gym near as much as I should have been until the past week.  My membership again is months old, with only one time being used right when we got the membership cards.  I hate going by myself.  I hated working out in general.  I never looked forward to it, yet this time around, I am sensing a change.  I got for an hour, come home, and within a couple of hours am ready to go back even though I am sore, and worked up a good sweat already.  I am definitely feeling better, that is for sure and I think as long as I can keep it up, I will be in the best shape I have been in since High School 10 years ago.  It is TIME for a change.  I WILL do it.  I WILL be able to go hiking with my friends and do a Solo backpack hunt this season.  NO EXCUSES!

“Keep Hammering” ~ Cameron Hanes

End of Archery season, bring on the rifle season.

The Montana Archery season as past.  I am a little saddened.  My tags still are unfilled for the 4th year in a row since I have started.  Time was just no on my side this year.  I decided to not go hunting yesterday cause I felt on the off-chance of my finding elk was slim, but the possibility of me finding public land close to home that would have elk on it almost nil.  So I decided it was time to switch over to the rifle.  My dad and I went to the range so I could toss some lead at targets.  There is something about the sound of a rifle going of that is soothing to me.  I guess its even more soothing when I am the one shooting it.  I shot 3 at the 100 yard target yielding all 3 shots within and inch of each other about an inch high.  Right where I was wanting.  I then slammed the 4″ gong at 200 yards a couple of times and feel like if I miss an animal with it, it will be my fault this year.  I might still try to get a doe with my bow since I have some extra tags to help manage the herds but we will see.  I spend much time like any other archer who hunts with a bow practicing so we can make a quick kill so the animal does not suffer to not at least get something with it.  But in the end, meat in my freezer trumps that so come the end of November, I hope to have a reason to buy a larger freezer and not have to buy beef.  Happy hunting, good luck, and stay safe.


Broadhead Practice

Today I thought it was time to double-check my broadheads.  I forgot all about switching my broadheads to my newer arrows so my old ones could be used at my target arrows and had forgotten all about squaring my arrows.  Needless to say the arrows did not fly 100%.  They were ok at best.  Some hit the mark, some flew slightly right, one low.  I know that they can be better.  But its all the reason to double-check your gear before you head out to the field.  We have a responsibility as hunters to make sure that our gear is as good as it can be so that if the opportunity presents itself, we do not wound an animal and not recover.  The Montana Archery opener is no to far away.  Just a mere 10 days to be exact.

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So much to do, so little time

The time of the year is coming upon us where the leaves turn into the yellows, oranges, and reds that signify my favorite time of year.  So many things to look forward to.  But, it has come to my mind that I still have too much to do.  I have had some problems with my bow this year and I have shot pretty good, but I still need to shoot my broadheads.  I have organized and found just about everything else I need to be successful in the field this season, but still need to wash my hunting clothes.  All in all, I still have lots of time.  But for now all I can do is dream about the fog lifting off the mountains while bull elk bugle in the distance.  I have so many things I need to be doing it’s not even funny.  Or at least I feel like I have a lot on my plate. Continue reading