Back To It

The short and sweet of this post is that I am going to try and start writing on this blog again.  I had taken some time off  to reflect on things as well as maybe my priorities were not straight.  I have had a few hiccups I am recovering from over the last year and see light at the end of the tunnel.  So here is to some posts from the starvingoutdoorsman coming in the near future.


Ten things learned and re-learned from chasing Antelope so far

Ten things I have learned and yet again re-learned this season after 4 days of spot and stalk antelope hunting with a bow this season.


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End of April Madness

Every year I always seem to put off applying for my “BIG 3” tags in Montana until the last minute.  They are due tomorrow and I managed to squeak them out today in the nick of time after being shut out of the website for maintenance around 11:45pm last night.  I have not drawn the elk tag I had hoped to get the last couple years but the chance to draw a sheep, moose, or goat tag keeps one excited for another month or so.  Which makes me wonder…

WHAT WILL I DO IT I DRAW!?  I have dreams of taking a month off work to find the right animal.  Not something that I will be able to do at all but at least I put in for places close to home.  I am not after record book animals.  I really do not care for that notoriety.  I am interested in the challenge and a full freezer.  That does not mean i wont shop around though because sometimes you just know what melon you want to pick out of the bunch, right?

This spring has been exceptionally busy for me.  I dream of looking for bear and turkey, but i’m either in the office or fixing up my house.  Flooring, windows, roof, fence, and clean-up of my yard have all been on the list this spring as well as working all the overtime that I can.  Hopefully the juice will be worth the squeeze this fall.

A review from the last year.

Every year is an adventure.  Trying to balance my need to head outdoors, be with my family, and sadly the fact work is a necessity.  I have always been envious of the people who work and get paid in the outdoor industry.  I crave the adventures I watch and read from people like Donnie Vincent, Mark Seacat, and the Foss family.  I could go off and keep naming people but then this post would never get written.  I understand that it’s not all glamour and there is a full business aspect of the industry.  It can’t all be about the hunting, fishing, and adventure.  Personally, I don’t care to be the guy on camera.  I would love to start making short videos but let’s be honest, I do not really have the face for photos and video. Continue reading

Elk hunts change without warning – Part 1



It’s that time of year again here in Montana.  Hunters are out and about with their bows bugling, cow calling, and by golly some have even been successful as I have seen some great bulls and bucks on my social media feeds.  My dad bought himself a new bow after his old one fell apart after two weeks before last season and he was now holding the tag I had hoped to get.  I was happy to still go out and swallowed the fact I would more than likely not get a big bull this year.  I decided running to an area that I decided I really like and trying to learn it was better than moving on and trying to find something else.  Besides, I could still hunt there and that was quite alright to me. Continue reading

Stillwater Tactical Challenge 2014

The Stillwater Tactical Challenge in Reed Point, MT was this past weekend.  I was asked if I wanted to come shoot some photos at the event by a Facebook friend Steve M. and gladly did.  Was great to finally meet some people I had known of for a couple of years now and had never met even if I live less than an hour from them.  I had a blast (literally).  Steve had partnered up with a fellow outdoor blogger Cole W of Chasing the Wild Outdoors.  I’m sore and even have blisters on my feet from running the course.  I thought I would post these as 2 years ago today, I started this blog!  Below are some of the photos I took on day 2 of this 3 day event.  I could get used to this type of photography.  I mean, shooting weddings just doesn’t offer this type of excitement.  Not that I would know.  Now I’m off to daydream of SMR Rifles…



It’s a long-standing joke in my family what happens when I find these creep crawlers on me.  Or even think that one is on me.  To say the least it involves a double barrel shotgun lighter, my unmentionables, and come to find out, I was just going crazy.  I had been pretty lucky to have only found the amount I have found on me over the years.  I used to run around in 26 acres close to the river in what I am finding out to be some prime tick territory and only found 1 embedded in my back and one embedded in my dog who was basically paralyzed in the back of her happy place, the back of my dads truck.  I thought she had been shot by one of the crazy neighbors with this dry, tan bulge.  The last thing on my mind was a tick until I got a family friend to pull over.  The increase of Lyme Disease cases has gone up over time.  Outdoor T.V. personalities such as Steve Rinella have contracted it.  It can cause tons of havoc on a person.  So we must take precautions of be ready to face the consequences.

The last few years, I think mainly since I have started to archery hunt, I have been finding more and more of the little suckers.  But that does not even mean they are not out in November.  Ohh no…  One is never safe it seems when it comes to ticks.  They can be found all over.  From the river and creek bottom to the high alpine areas even just below the snow-line.  Yes, I was in shock also.  Heck, I did not expect to find 6+ on me a week before Thanksgiving in 2012 after we had snow and cold weather.  And when I did find out, I was dancing around naked in the road swatting them off (I told you I had some stories).  Check out this NAT GEO video.

It does not take long to get a tick, or even MANY ticks on you if you find a hot spot.  BUT, this is a fact of nature.  Ticks will be Ticks.  We will be us.  The world is too much fun to explore.  There are many ways to prevent catching a tick or at least see them visibly before they can attach.  But people who hunt and fish do not really do much of anything right when it comes to preventing things like this.  We do not usually tuck out pants into our socks or wear light-colored clothing.  I am pretty impressed with the videos of Permethrin.  Sawyers is one of the main brands I hear about nowadays.  No I have not tried it, but it is on my list to get shortly.  As much as I hate ticks, I still for some reason tempt fate every time I leave the house to have a little fun in the wild.  Heck, instead of heading to the nearest Cabelas and using my gift cards I have been acquiring, I decided to type this P.S.A. over my lunch.

However, it still does not mean you do not need to do tick checks.  Oh the benefit of being married to someone who truly loves you.  Unless of course they are partially blind now.  I did manage to get a couple good years of tick checking out of my wife…